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East Africa Fellowship Program

In the year 2024, Rako established a program that reflects its unwavering dedication to fostering a vibrant academic community. The program aspires to offer scholars from all corners of the globe with the opportunity to spend anywhere between one month to one year at Rako and partake in a diverse range of activities that are designed to enrich their academic pursuits. We offer comprehensive local guidance, access to fieldwork, and a platform for relevant scholarly engagements through workshops and networking opportunities.

• Conducting scholarly and policy research on social, economic, environmental, and communication matters
• Sharing the outcomes of research through publication, holding events, presentations, and media debates in multiple relevant languages, and distributing them on various platforms
• Offering training and capacity building.

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Current research engagement

Amal Ali has joined the East Africa Fellowship at Rako. She is the founder and principal lawyer at AQN International Law Firm, where she provides legal consultation and representation to various clients. Ali is also engaged in academic roles, including lecturing and supervising research projects. Her recent research focuses on education for sustainable development, intersectionality, and human rights, with a particular emphasis on the Horn of Africa region.

How it work

To deploy the open bank project(OPB) API middleware, banks usually follows a 3-step process:

  • l-settings
    Step 1


    Deploy middleware internally and customise according to the bank’s requirements.
  • plug-2
    Step 2


    Write the set of adapters connecting the OBP middleware with the bank back-end.
  • algorithm
    Step 3


    Opening up an initial subset of APIs to a limited number of trusted partners.

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Advantages of FinTech applications for financial institutions

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Zero barrier applications

This results in more and more users opting for institutions that have FinTech implemented for their financial operations.


Highly regulated & risk-averse

Make sure you choose a partner who has the required certifications and merits to develop a robust FinTech solution for your financial institution.

rate up

Higher efficiency

Throughout any industry, technology is a de-facto catalyst agent for increasing efficiency in operations. FinTech is no exception.

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Automated customer service

Smart chatbots, Virtual assistants and advisors, Personalised UI are a few of hundreds of ways for automated customer servicing.

browser chrome

Trusted by developers

Connect to the main banks and financial institutions worldwide. Updated and great API documentation for a fast and easy integration.

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No compromise on security

Security is unarguably the most important factor for any financial institution. do check out our FinTech software development services.

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Collaborative Publications

European Conferenceon Integration and Migration

Conference report ‘The Somali community in focus’Bringing people together is the key...
Collaborative Publications


Mohamed Aden Hassan and Giulia Liberatore The Somali Housing Emergency in north...
Collaborative Publications

Global Remittances

Mohamed Aden Hassan and Giulia Liberatore Global Remittances: Update on the UK-Somali...
Collaborative Publications

Accountability in the Taxation System in Somaliland

Policy brief Tellander, Ebba & Mohamed Aden Hassan (2016) Accountability in the...

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