UFFO Somaliland

UFFO Honour

This project is in honour of the Uffo group members

  • Abdillahi Ali Yussuf
  • Abdirhaman Abdillahi H. Aden ‘Yare’
  • Dr Adan Yusuf Abokor
  • Aden Warsame Saed
  • Ahmed Hussein Abby
  • Ahmed Muhumed Madar
  • Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf ‘Jabane’
  • Ali Ighe Farah “Ali Biid”
  • Bashe Abdi Yousuf
  • Hussein Mohamed Dualeh ‘Berberawi’
  • Mohamed Barud Ali
  • Dr Mohamud Sheikh Hassan Tani
  • Mohamed Maaliin Osman
  • Mohamoud Abdi Ji’ir
  • Dr Mohmed Ali Sulub
  • Mohmed Alo Ibrahim
  • Mohmed Haji Mohamoud
  • Omer Hashi Omar Issa Awale
  • Dr Osman Abdi Maigag
  • Yussuf Abdillahi Kahin ‘Gaydh’

Student uprising

This monument was put up in commemoration of the students who protested February 20, 1982, on the planned date of the Uffo trial. The students were trying to save the lives of their teachers and the other arrested intellectuals. One student was shot to death during the first day of the protest. His name was Barre Elmi Ahmed. Thanks to these protests the regime changed the death sentences to prison sentences.

This project is also in honour of all those who participated in the self-help scheme mobilization in 1981 but who were not sentenced to prison terms.

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