At Rako Research we believe in shining the light and praising  forward thinking projects and institutions that make a difference to African students,  for example we were very inspired by the African Leadership university (ALU) Has just opened a new campus in Mauritius and  its making many strides to bring equal opportunities to its students.

Judging by the Seven Commitments listed in the article written for by Jess Auerbach who is a faculty member of the university, read the full article on the link below.

Judging by the article it is evident that the  University is taking the challenges that their students face and effectively tackling them head on with positive long term solutions.

For example the first commitment in the article is  (#1: By 2019, everything we assign our students will be open source). They hope to  achieve this by building relationships with publishers, writers and industry leaders, and negotiating partnerships for equitable access to knowledge.
Although there are some great African resource sites available like – the African Politics Reading List on the link below.’

Its very rare to find these types of resources available to African student so the plan to provide open source recourses to students is step in the right direction towards better education. We are looking forward to hearing about the progress ALU makes with the seven commitments and hope to see open source material available in all African universities.